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“I am constantly amazed and enthralled by the powerful effect which music in all its many forms has on us.  Music evokes emotions and feelings, alters mood and spirit and gives the ability to express simple or complex thoughts and sentiments: sometimes words alone are insufficient.  At other times words are enhanced by accompaniment be that by music composed for and performed on instruments or by the music of nature or our environment.  I challenge anyone who claims to be unaffected by music.  They may feel that they are less atuned than some to the effect which the music is having on them but the effect will be there….  Music has an inbuilt emotion, one which is felt by the composer, by the performer and by the listener.  Sometimes, this is the same emotion but not always. Many performers and listeners of a single piece will undoubtedly experience different emotions during the performance.   It is perhaps very, very special when it seems that these in fact coincide in particular when the music has been created from the heart.”  


Anna Ferro  -  April 2011

Music is my hobby and passion.  I hope you enjoy the pieces which I have posted on my Music pages.  I have also posted some Art Work and Photos.  Having enjoyed working on my 2012 Project for which I composed a new short piece for solo piano each month, I have continued to compose pieces each month and you can read about each piece in my regular News posts.


All rights reserved to Anna Ferro

bomomo-4753 bomomo-5954 i My Music 2012 Project Contribution to FdiFiore's Mist String Quartet

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